We are crafting a better world.

Our products are lovingly handcrafted by our partner artisan communities using sustainably sourced materials. Each BalaiKamay item is unique, lasting, and good for the environment.

  • Buy only what you need and if you do, choose earth-friendly products that help the environment and prevent the depletion of our natural resources.

  • Knowledge gives you the power to make the right choices. Learning more about sustainability and the environment allows you to understand environmental issues and be part of the solution. 

  • Let’s reduce the amount of trash we generate. Let’s reuse and find new ways to use things instead of throwing them out. Let’s recycle and turn something old and useless into something new and useful.

Lovingly handcrafted by our partner artisan communities.

BalaiKamay partners with local artisan communities to help them achieve quality of life through environmentally sustainable livelihoods. We work with a diverse collection of artisan communities like carpenters, carvers, and skilled PWDs.

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Your deliveries support global reforestation.

We practice green design and employ green logistics. Your orders are delivered to you using logistical services that reduce carbon emissions and conserve our resources.

More importantly, your deliveries allow us to plant trees to help restore the planet.

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You can plant our cards!

We now use plantable seed paper for our tags and cards. Our plantable paper is a biodegradable eco-paper made with paper waste that is embedded with spinach seeds. 

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Who We've Worked With

We have worked with many happy clients to craft and customize their needs. Click on the button below to view our made-to-order options.

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